Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What it sold for: Half.Com Shipping Edition

Paid .25, Sold for $7

I don't normally like listing clothes but when they're this cheap risk is nil. This was my only sale this week but I've been pinning and a new listing promotion started so I am hopeful of a better upcoming week.

I also sold a five pound textbook to Cali (from NJ) on half.com. The person paid for expedited shipping which would have been around $18 via priority mail. Half.Com reimburses shipping based on soft/hard cover rather than weight so expected me to accept $5.99 (http://pages.half.ebay.com/help/policy/shipping_p.html). BONKERS!

I cancelled the sale and relisted because its a current book and should sell fairly quickly. The same person offered to buy it but pay more for shipping (weird because this would price my copy higher than other ones) but I said ok.

Then I realized I could stuff the whole thing in a medium flat rate box for only $10.xx after shipping discount.

Note to Future Self: Medium Flat Rate boxes exist.