Monday, May 18, 2015

Well Mad Men ended but would I recommend it?

So Mad Men ended last night - the same way it played out for all these years - with snippets of quiet desperation.

I garage saled my first season of Mad Men six years ago, couldn't eBay it and finally sent it to swapadvd the next year. I didn't have any desire to watch it until years after that when I finally binge watched in Netflix. You know what? I liked it.

It was gloomy, slow paced, no one was ever happy and even when they were successfully making money everyone was two drinks away from ruining their lives.

I kept hoping things would get better.

They never did.

I kept expecting exciting new developments but it mimicked real life with a slow pace.

In the end I was left with a hollow feeling - I'd watched a charismatic, depressed man from yester-year float through seven years. He was the main character so everyone else's genuine feelings were a desaturated background.

So now we have Mad Men in its totality - encapsulated - complete. Don Draper's actor went off to  rehab. I wouldn't recommend this show to someone who'd never watched it. Sure, feel free to watch it if you love vintage decor or are pretty bummed about life. Mad Men and a lot of ice cream would probably assuage a broken heart. In a frozen winter when everyone is snowed in this would make an appropriate backdrop.

but if you're basically content with life, enjoying this gorgeous spring weather and soaking up all the sunlight you can just stay away from Mad Men

its a steady, constant buzzkill with really clever lines