Friday, May 15, 2015

UGH Spider Mites and Hibiscus

So after successfully weathering a winter in our basement the hibiscuses have caught spider mites outdoors. At first I thought they were reacting to the increased sunlight or cooler night temperatures but nope:

See that strand? Also see my sad little leaves with curled up edges and holes eaten away?

So the internet suggested I spray them down with a hose set on high. I did it a few times but spider mites are resilient!

Next, the internet suggested drowning the little suckers. They said to prune, then keep the plant in water for half an hour to ensure eggs in the soil were gone. 

Here is the sad little thing now.

The other hibiscus was too tall for the trash can so I think I will try a trash bag tomorrow and hope it doesn't spring a leak! Its been five years since spider mites killed my ficus and I still shake internal fists when I think about it.

Update a month later - it appears to have worked! (

In happier news, I walked across the street to talk with my plant loving neighbor and she ended up giving me this container of plants!

My celosia in container is much happier than the ones in the ground. I keep telling myself to be patient since its only May and they are supposed to get about 6-8" wide. I don't want to overplant again!

I only had three salvias so I didn't want to "waste them" in the ground. They've also doubled in size in a very short time. I may end up needing to put them in the ground by mid-summer!

Here is an accidentally artsy short of the same plant. If I were a better pinterester I'd write something in the bottom left of this picture and tell you to repin it ;)

This little collection makes me so happy! The stands are the ones from KMart last season and almost every container was thrifted. I think the only non-thrift was the left red one - it came with a supermarket plant which I subsequently killed.

My original plan was to set up this stand with these six gorgeous pots from last fall but they are only 3.5" tall and flowering plants need lots of water so they have loads of roots. Still, its a cute setup and if we do the side of the yard I may set it up with hens and chicks. My neighbor has a little hanging planter full of them and they made it through the winter!