Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ugh I garage saled wrong

Did you guys see all the eBay price changes which kicked in last week? All of these quarterly drastic changes are driving me nuts. You're not a new company eBay - pick a business model and stick to it!

This was a four family sale in one space and paying got confusing because NO ONE priced anything to begin with.

$2 - Bell
$1 - Flower tray
.50 - Basket
.25 - Kitchenaid attachments, cooler, pool ball

The math doesn't add up but I paid $4.50 for the lot.

I didn't realize I'd paid $2 for this - buyer's remorse already.

Another one of my "don't need it but its pretty" things.

You'd think I owned a fruit tree with the number of things I say "I could always put fruit in it" about

These were the only bargains. I'm going to try them on a facebook group, then craigslist because eBay is greedy.

I wanted a basket the other day to corral "stuff" and my nieces will have fun with yet another "bouncy ball."

Update: I facebooked the Kitchenaid attachments for $5 right away so I guess we could consider these all paid for. Take that eBay!

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Betty said...

Boo! Ebay. With Facebook, Craigslist and ioffer, I hope Ebay loses a lot of business. Greedy indeed.