Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tulip Report 2015 - for this fall we go to Lowes!

This was our house about a week ago.That tulip border made me happy every time I came home!

Most of what you see are 40 Lowes bulbs I paid $10 for last fall. The package advertises they are Guaranteed to Grow and you better believe it! We only had one bulb/flower missing from the border and it was the one I saw discarded on the lawn after something dug it up to munch.

I planted some of Double Late Mix bulbs in planters, on the off chance none of the ground tulips would flower. So far only one has bloomed but they are all leafing and I am excited by how pretty it is. I also got bored waiting for them to grow so I threw in a begonia and its exploded. Potted flowers LOVE our front steps.

These cost $8 for 15 at Home Depot. Even though the flower is gorgeous I'm too impatient to buy more. Its a good investment for people who have large tulip beds as these would bloom around the time the original flowers were going into Hibernation Mode.

This pretty little striped one was the big disappointment. Why?

Can you see it on the right? Its barely half the size of the Lowes tulips and easily overlooked.

It cost $7 for 15 bulbs and I only got one! Part of this is my fault because I planted some in a planter which I left outside and the bulbs rotted but what about the rest of the crop? Only one of the ones I planted in the lawn even flowered!

Its a "Guaranteed to Grow" - Malarchy! If I can find the cardboard/receipt I will be complaining to someone.

One final reason to buy the Lowes bulbs - some of them were multiple bloomers! About 4-5 of them had between 4-6 blooms from one plant! This was great because just as the main bloom was falling off the rest were coming into their own.

So this is our Tulip 2015 roundup! I will be buying some more in the fall because the border stopped a few feet short of the sidewalk as I wasn't sure if they would bloom and didn't want to spend $10 for another package. All I did was dig to the desire depth, drop in some Oscomote and bury the bulb. It took less than half an hour and will hopefully be something we enjoy for years!

/end excitement


Anonymous said...

You're home and flowers are so beautiful. I would love to borrow your green thumb.