Saturday, May 16, 2015

that time I got an Open Puzzle

I was supposed to pick up some hostas early this morning from the craigslist lady but she mentioned she wouldn't be home until later because her town was having a citywide garage sale day.


The day was overcast but I picked up my aunts and we headed two towns over. At the first sale I picked up:

2 Sealed puzzles: $1 each
Freebie Harry Potter puzzle because I told the lady I don't risk buying used puzzles but look:

She was right - all the pieces were there! Side note: puzzles are hard.

It was starting to drizzle by the time we made it to the next sale. I bought these four coasters for $1 because they were pretty. I really think I bought them because subconsciously they reminded me of the clay coasters I've been tinkering with outside.

The skies opened so I drove my aunts back home but THEN the sun came back out (are you feeling the suspense?) so I drove back towards Hosta Lady and stopped by another garage sale.

Large candle: $1
Ikea lights: $1 for both
Wire holders: $1 for both
Starbucks mug: .50

I've admired these at Ikea in the past but their website is pretending they never existed. I can't even find them on google now!

I bought these planning to put plant pots in them without realizing they were oval (rather than round). What are they for, internet?

After this I bought some more hostas and stopped at one more sale on the way home:

Circus animal holders: $2
Cutco knife block: $1
Murano dish: $1
Starbucks mug: .50
Toucan bowl/mug: .50
Purse holder: .50

I was surprised eBay only wants $15ish for these. They're silver plated and quite solid.

Trifecta of profit!

I'd been wanting one of these purse holders, for the oddball day when I carry a purse but the hook seems too low for me.

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laura sampson said...

wow I can't believe they only sell for 15, they're adorable! I love the story of getting the aunts and then taking them only to have the sun come out. How far away is two towns over? because for me that's like a 45 minute drive one way...