Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rubber Mulch Border

So last we left off (all of yesterday) I'd dug the world's shallowest trench was ready to lay down a rubber border.

After much debate we went with the International Mulch edge border. The lady on Amazon is laying it down on "undug" soil but I wanted it slightly lower than the lawn so I could roll over it without having to come back and edge.

Not only is it about an inch thick (and HEAVY) there is weed fabric on the back. This is not the generic fabric I'm used to - I couldn't get the landscape staples through it!

We ordered ten rolls (probably more than we will need) and my immediate complaint was size discrepancy. See how much larger the one on the left is?

Anyway, yesterday I'd dug a trench and today I laid down the border. This took much longer than expected because I'm not strong and had to hammer "lawn staples" into the ground to hold the mulch in place. Its sold in a tightly coiled rubber circle so you can imagine what a pain it was to keep unraveled while hammering.

We ordered a box of 100 for $17 because they were the most highly reviewed lawn staples on Amazon. 100 will probably be way more than we need so feel free to find a smaller box from the same guy.

I was pooped by the time I got to the tree so stopped here for the day. The mulch is able to make gradual curves so I will have to tease it and figure out what to do under this tree. I moved three salvia here for the season since it looks so bare but eventually I want to fill the whole area with Sedum Spurium "John Creech Stonecrop." The little cuttings have teeny roots now but I want them to be more substantial before planting them.

I'm glad I won't need to trim that weird triangle area anymore and also pleased to get rid of the off-centered cement ring on this tree. Alas the teeny retaining wall will have to remain because its off of a small patio area and when it rains soil erosion becomes a real thing.

So so far I've laid down three rolls of the Rubber Mulch and I'm happy with the results. It curves easily, is surprisingly thick and the weed fabric under it is super tough. I will wait to run the mower over it before giving it my full approval but I look forward to being as happy as this guy:

but with long pants. How can anyone mow in shorts?!