Monday, May 11, 2015

Plants in Bundts, Dollar Tree Gardening and RIP to my MIL's Tongue

I swung by the Dollar Tree to pick up some river rocks to put at the base of my hibiscus:

and while there picked up a new hanging basket with coco liner ($1 each)

The new one is the empty one on the left. They're 10" across so smaller than the one I garage saled last year.

Aside: Don't you love those suspension hooks? I thought they'd need something heavy to anchor them but NOPE. They understand physics.

I didn't have anything else left to plant so I threw in yesterday's primrose but this is probably a bad idea. Supposedly it casts seeds everywhere and I don't need that!

To be honest I am not sold on the whole planter - can you see how distended the sides are? They really should have included a few more vertical or at least one horizontal wire on these.

In much sadder new - this happened. I got over-waterring crazy after buying the african violet and killed my mother in law's tongue plant.

The internet insists it can be easily propagated so I decided to try the Bundt Umbrella Expirement.

I spray painted it with THE SAME can of Rustoleum I used on the chandelier, table and lights! Rustoleum paint may cost a few bucks more than generic brands but you get so much more.

I didn't spray the inside on the off-chance its bad for plants. I also folded down the little metal pegs so they wouldn't stick out and look extra bundt-y. These bend ridiculously easy.

So even though my original plan was to fill the pan with gorgeous annuals I ended up chopping up and throwing in what was left of the plant instead. Developing roots can take up to a year so unless my updates are "leafs dead, moving on" don't expect to hear more about these for a while!