Monday, May 25, 2015

Off-Day Thrifting

The manager had an off day from work so I got to go in the full day today. Days at a thrift store are much crazier than my pleasantly dull afternoons!

Frames - .25
Flip Flops - .25
Saucers - .10
Cards - .5
Juice Holder - .5
Basin - Free

Glass Bigger Things - .25
Saucers & Pots - .10

I seldom give out cards but these were just too pretty to pass up. When I was younger I used to use pretty cards as mats for photos. I didn't realize mats were supposed to keep the photo from sticking to the glass LOL

This has been marked $2 for ages but no one wanted to buy it because it has a large repair. One of the volunteers took it down today to throw away and I decided to bring it home and try to make it into a planter - albeit a shallow one so I won't cover all of that design. I need suggestions for a wide, shallow rooted, pretty plant. Go!

See the repair? It will go outdoors so if the glue goes the mess can stay out there!

Speaking of mini planters and saucers - what do you think of this pairing? I wish I had a large potting shelf full of little glass containers holding clippings.

I bought the two glass "things" hoping this one would fit one of my frogs. Its Baccarat crystal but feels like it was originally a lid for something or it had a lid. Either way the frog barely fits so I will probably stick it outside with a solar light inside or something.

Speaking of frogs - I don't think I ever showed the Ball jar the frogs DO fit! This itsy bitsy one is only about an inch deep. My husband's co-worker gave it to him full of home-made jelly at Christmastime. I couldn't wait until it was gone so I could abscond the jar.

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