Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Now back to my regularly scheduled thrifting day

It was fun to cover on a non-thrifting day but nicer to be there during my regular hours seeing the regular shoppers.

Gardening is turning me into an old lady because I bought these two little lovely saucers to hold two little planters!

The only two surviving impatiens plants from this pre-spring's experiment. What I learned: Don't buy Dollar Tree seeds. Wait a month and buy 6 growing plants for $1.50 at Depot or Lowes.

In more successful plant news the african violet appears to be propagating less than a month later! I watered it the first day and have kept it in a ziplock bag for the past month. That seems to have done the trick because there is definite growth! There is also some green stuff growing on the surface so I am going to leave it sans bag from now on.

Here are my baby plants chilling on their saucers under the kind visage of dear old Saint Fiacre

As to the pitcher, thanks to Pinterest I always have gardening ideas.