Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Craigslist Hostas

Lowes has small hosta plants on sale 4/$10 this week but I went for the larger $3 divided plants from Craigslist deal instead:

My car is one giant purse.

This lady is practically a greenhouse on her own! She said she normally hosts a garden garage sale in the spring and sells 5-700 plants!

Remember my $2 Home Depot hosta? It came back but is still smaller than these. They each had 4-6 shoots but I didn't further divide them.

I bought them to fill in the slope between our left door neighbor's yard and our own. See how green his grass is compared to ours? That guy is a grass pro!

The area quickly becomes overrun by these horrible periwinkle vines. Last year I took the trimmer to them and made a huge dusty mess but accidentally decimated some purposely planted mint plants in the process.

Here it is after an hour's worth of yanking these ridiculous vines and then planting the hostas. Can you see them? LOL in 2-3 years it will be lovely.

Poor things look miserable but its pretty sunny out there. The internet says divided hostas need to be watered daily and will typically perk back up in a couple of weeks. Afterwards you can water whenever.

Oh and I got talked into a $3 evening primrose plant - which the internet says is one step above a weed. Yikes, I don't know what I'm going to do with it but its definitely not going into my ground!

She also had this cactus growing near the sidewalk which blew my mind because I didn't know cactus was a perennial in NJ. She said she bought it at a garage sale fifteen years ago and the seller had bought it at another garage sale. Ha! I told her to let me know if she divides it.

Its too dangerous for my yard but I just put down a ton of gravel at my parent's house and this could look awesome there.

I shared at Home and Garden Thursday: