Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's go to the beach!

We're all planning to go to AC the last week in June. The hotel is right on the boardwalk and I am expecting to sit outside and say things like "Ahhhhh" and "I love sand."


Brown purse: $5
Stripey purse: $1.50
Bundt pan: .50 (planting project)
Painting apron: .25
Angels: .25 each
Books: .10 each

See my huge beach bag, book about the beach and inflatable ball? I'm ready.

I thought about putting the angels in my backyard but don't they look morbid? I'm all for praying flowers into earlier blooms but this is borderline Stephen King territory. 

The bedtime Dora book has a 15 minute timer so its annoying every one minute. At the end it plays a mariachi song.

An apron to go with our easel, their paints and brushes. As long as our nieces remain little kids we're guaranteed to be their faves!

I am being a Thrifter Sharer:


Monica said...

The tiny doll with the yellow and purple dress is Mattel Krissy, Barbie's baby sister. Those sell on eBay quite well.

Monica said...
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laura sampson said...

ohh good tip from Monica! I didn't know that and that's what I love about thrift share posts, we can help each other out.

What the BLEEP are you going to do with a bundt pan at the beach??