Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspiration Thursday: My Own Garden!

 Look at this uber fancy Miracle Gro my husband just ordered for me from Amazon!

The middle number is for blooms so I am expecting everything to BLOW up!

Speaking of blowing up - peep this clematis vine!

Zero effort guys, you should all get one too.

Look at all those waiting buds!

The azalea is already losing blooms but that's ok. It was a baby last year and this year is about 1.5 feet tall.

Speaking of 2015 increases - last year we had one peony. This year it looks like we will have 12 (but who's counting)!

TWO YEARS later I finally figured out this is Sedum Spurium "John Creech Stonecrop." There is a ton of information on it here: and the internet insists it has pink blooms. It also says it enjoys drier situations - explains how much it loves being under this little water hog tree. I've tried pansies, marigolds and impatiens and they all dry up in this location.

Now that it was id'd it was time to propagate. The usual - remove leaves, dunk in rooting hormone and sit around in water. See my little impatiens on the left? I will miss them when its time to go send them outside.

Within a week I had enough root formation to consider it a success. Other times I did this without rooting hormone it took weeks to develop roots. Well worth the $5.

Seeing how well one plant did I decided to take 9 more cuttings! I want to fill in the entire ring under the tree and maybe move on to the hell strip in front of our house this year. I decided to leave these cuttings outside because I saw little red bugs hanging out by them. Ick!

Side note - the glass table was $3.99 at SA, the glass plate was $1 at that church sale I loved perusing last year and the vases were $1 for 25 at a different sale two years ago. Even the original plant cutting was a piece a friend of my husband's handed us!

Speaking of thrifted outdoor decor - its a buoy! Our cherry tree has a buoy earring :D

Here are some bonus shots from dad's front garden:

I just painted this half wall grey and I KNEW it would look glorious once these rambling roses bloomed. Sadly there are too many to deadhead so it normally gets one cycle. I will try to photograph in a week or so.

This was the Stop and Shop rose I planted. Zero filters guys - this rose is yellow inside and red edged.

There is perfection blooming all over the place.

I admit when I look at his roses I feel tempted to root some here but its just so much work. Deadheading and trimming and disease - no thanks. I prefer plants which just want to be watered all the time.