Friday, May 22, 2015

Garage sale? Delftian!

I saw this sale on my way to my hearing check-up and stopped in on my way back

Delft planter - .50
Books - .25 each
Mug - .25
Necklace - .25
Tape & Braces - .5 each (why not?)

The audiologist says hearing is the same. Being left eared deaf is a bummer but I've gotten used to it. The key is adapting a lot.

I thought this was junk jewelry until I picked it up - turns out its pewter. The chain is junk. I haven't decided if I will keep it.

I'm still trying to propagate african violets. The vase on the left is one I garage saled about six years ago. 

The insert fits inside the new Delft - albeit not as elegantly. No rush -at the rate propagation is going I won't need a vase for it until 2016.

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