Friday, May 29, 2015

Edging the Lawn - Garden Weasel Edge Chopper Review

I like mowing the lawn but the trimming work drives me bonkers. I hate the sound, vibration and overall tedium of it. I saw Pinteresters edge their lawns with rubber mulch and decided to go for it.

First thing was the Garden Weasel Edger Chopper (sold on Amazon, of course).

I watched a ton of YouTube videos and they all featured a strong guy with an old shovel and a lot of upper body strength. I have none of that so went with this handy little edger. Its short with handles to help stabilize - something none of the men on youtube had.

All I did was poke the edger into the ground and step into the shoe plate. As I said I'm not very strong so I would just rock once to the left and let my weight dig into the ground, then back to the right and I was done.

To make life easier I implemented the youtube trick of rocking the edger back while it was still in the ground to kind of "wedge" the soil up and away. This served the added bonus of severing remaining roots.

I was expanding the planting area by about ten inches. See how smooth and easy the groove is at the bottom?

Here is a zoomed out view of the area I was working on. The green in a busted hose I think could make a nice soaker hose.

Edging the area (about 30 feet) took less than ten minutes. This was so quick I was unprepared for the next step - I don' even own a digging shovel! Luckily my neighbor does and she is perpetually outside so I borrowed one and removed the border.

I would recommend this edger to anyone. It was so different from the ones on Youtube I didn't even remove the labels until after I tried it out because I wanted to make sure it worked first! I still can't believe it only took me ten minutes to edge all of that!

Tomorrow - Rubber Mulch!

Amazon link to  Garden Weasel Edge Chopper


Deanies Stash said...

That really looks handy! Thank you for the review! I am going to have to look for one of these.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

This is very interesting!! I will have to look into this...
Thanks so much for stopping by!!