Monday, May 4, 2015

BzzAgent Review: Perfume Medley

I love good packaging!

BzzAgent sent me a few perfume samples to review.

At the risk of sounding like a non-perfume buyer *cough* is this the only women's perfume in the batch? Two say Pour Homme and BOSS only makes guy stuff, right?

Rather than gender-confuse the world I opted to try out the D&G one with the flower. I was pleased the sample bottle is a little spray because I've always hated the ones you uncap. When I rub them on my wrist they leave a tan mark behind and I feel disgusted by what I just applied to my skin. Weird, I know.

Anyway the perfume itself has a nice scent. Its a little flowery and very light. It is also long lasting but doesn't irritate my sinuses - which are at capacity recently due to all the spring pollen and my love of watching things grow.

This is the official description:


Dolce Floral Drops has the rare beauty of a fresh, floral scent. After a green opening of Neroli leaves and Papaya Flower, the fragrance gives in to a heart inspired by the signature white flowers and White Amaryllis. Fresh and light, yet as precious as a morning caress.

I didn't review it at the time but back in 2012 Bzzagent sent a similar sampling of perfumes but they were all for women and came in darling miniature bottles. (You can see a review with the bottles here: I liked the sturdy little box so much I've been using it to store stuff since then.

It currently stores my wallets and is the exact width to allow it to fit in one of my shoe rack cubbies.

I remember liking the perfumes too.

Being a member of BzzAgent is free and you can sign up at Its fun and they will randomly mail you things!