Sunday, May 24, 2015

Am I just throwing good money after bad now?

Wow I hadn't been to the Salvation Army in over two months - right around the time eBay started announcing the current round of changes. I had to drive right in front of the store on the way home so I stopped in:

Pitcher: 2.99
Wii Chargers: 2.99
Recorder: 1.99

Its been so long I'm starting to confuse the dripware I haven't sold. I thought this pitcher went with this set (which is only missing the pitcher) but it only matches these two random pieces. FYI: No one is jumping to buy either. *SIGH*

Wall hanging coat hook/chalkboard: 9.99

Its kind of/sort of what I mentioned back in February but I'm not convinced it could handle heavy coats. I'm sitting here looking at the picture and saying "Hrmmm"

They had this hugely creepy carpet clown "art thing" for 2.99. It was at least 2x3 feet and the orange hair was shaggy. The whole thing made me think of haunted 80s bath mats. Million Dollar Movie idea?

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Shandell said...

Love the chalkboard / coat hanger- what an awesome find!! Terrified by the clown mat though lol