Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working with Others

I was covering for the store manager today because she is gone for the weekend. It was my first time working at the little thrift store from 10-3 instead of my usual 3-6 and its tiring! It turns out a lot of people thrift and donate during the day!

$2.50 - Nike
$1.50 - Purse
.50 - Fabric
.50 - Audio book
.50 - Paint brushes
.10 - Baby Book

It will (hopefully) be warm enough to play with last year's easel soon. The baby is learning her colors and I always enjoy a good audio book.

The purse was worn longer than I like by the previous owner and has this kink from my moving the metal sizer. Any idea how to unkink? Its manmade materials and one of the volunteers suggested a warm iron followed up by heavy books but I don't fancy this idea.

I recognized her from pictures of the Louvre.

She hung out next to the stove while I figured out where to put her and I like her ridiculously ostentatious self here but statues in prep areas are a bad idea.

I bought the fabric because it was cheerful but it looks odd with my placemats and is too small anyway so back it goes.

I am thriftily sharing:


Betty said...

Love your thrift store prices. I might try the warm iron suggestion with a thick press cloth.

laura sampson said...

I'm going to back the warm iron and heavy books idea too, it seems like a good idea! I do love Nike holding court in the kitchen, could she go on the window sill? I'm always putting things where they don't belong, it's fun to surprise people.