Thursday, April 2, 2015

When "At least there isn't a shipping cost" becomes a B&M buying justification

I was at Marshalls today, scoping out the home goods and completely ignoring the clothes, as always.

How psyched was I to see these jadite knock-off cake stands? So psyched - until I picked them up and saw how bad the seams and coloring were. They photograph well but were probably the mopst poorly constructed things I've ever seen in this store.

This outdoor table is completely adorable! It was $70 though. 

Haven't citronella candles gotten so much classier?

I mean seriously - look at that blue one!

I'm so ready for summer. 

These cement roses were $2-$3 each. You could buy a whole bag of cement for that amount but where would you get a rose mold from?

These blue glass guacamole bowls were so cute! As to the blue bowl on the right side? I totally bought two of them for $4.99 each.

When we ate at Plate a nearby table got fancy salads in similar bowls (but white and larger). We seldom have salad but why should that hold us back!?