Friday, April 17, 2015

What's stirring in the garden (now with bonus exclamation points)

I spent a few hours this week cleaning up fallen leaves, seeing what survived winter and planting a few things. Of course, now its freezing and raining outdoors so we'll see if we have any survivors.

This tulip has almost bloomed!

I think this one is orange!

I think this tulip will have MULTIPLE blooms! Its the only one like it and I am hoping nothing eats it before I get a chance to see what happened.

I bought a flat of begonias and snapdragons and threw one into each of the tulip planters on the steps. In hindsight, purchasing the later blooming tulips was foolish.

Here are our front steps with the slowest growing tulip accompaniment. You can also see the tulip someone (I'm looking as you mailman) stepped on.

Oh and here is the hanging basket I am already regretting planting with peonies. I hate deadheading and they like being watered so this was just a bad idea. I bought them at Home Depot, which is woefully behind Lowes in plant selection (as always) but I had a coupon.

I almost trespassed unto my neighbor's lawn to see if her hydrangeas were back last week. Thankfully this week I have growth! This plant is to the right of the front steps (behind the planters).

On to the backyard!

I overplanted this little strip last year so I am trying to be more cognizant this year. Should everything make it through today's cold rain this is all I'm planting here in 2015 (well maybe a few coleus once they show up in store).

That autumn joy sedum from Flea Market 2013 has made another come-back! I retro-actively apologize to the sellers for not believing something this delicate was a perennial. 

The azalea is looking great! When we fill in the side yard I will definitely be planting another one of these there.

I've never identified this plant. My husband's friend has a ton growing at his house and gave us a sprig to cover my planting area back in '13. I just moved it to under the cherry tree because I can't get flowers to thrive there and bare dirt offends me ;)

Its taken about two year to cover about 6" of space so I guess being offended will just be the norm out here.

I was REALLY surprised to see Dusty Miller making a comeback. Its not supposed to stand coldest temperatures and this plant was covered in feet of snow. It doesn't get much colder than that.

The perennial mums don't have any sign of growth yet. 

BUT Look at THIS!

Last fall I planted some $1 mums in tiny little containers on my front steps. When they got ugly I moved them into our windowless shed and forgot they existed for four months. This week I opened the shed and check it out - GROWTH! These things weren't watered and didn't get any light all winter but they still made it.

I planted our poinsettias because I'm sick of their losing leaves all over the house. I really shouldn't buy them but they're only $1 on Black Friday and they look so cute for a while.

The peony is giving me pause. Clearly something grew but why is it looking so...shredded?

and finally - our cherry tree is about to blossom. Ignore the offensive earth below.

So how is your garden doing? Did you plant anything yet?


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

You definitely have a green thumb. Everything looks so pretty! :)