Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well that was random

The little thrift store was closed last week so I had off. Today I got:

$2.50 each Furby
$1 spinning frame
$1 planter
.50 oven liner
.25 Georges Briard planter

I am ready to plant! Funny aside - Georges Briard is a name I became acquainted with because of eBay. Before finding the Mad Men plate (which I decided to hoard for myself) I'd never heard of him.

There was a chip in the blue vase I bought two weeks ago so I've been keeping it on the kitchen window sill. 

I have been tending toward aqua colors lately but this planter is the exact size and weight to live on my kitchen windowsill without tipping. Sometimes function trumps form - even if something is ALL form!

My niece has a Furby Boom and its loud and obnoxious. It was also $50 so when I saw these for $2.50 (sale) each I picked them up. Now let's see what happens when a Furby trio unites!

I am talking vintage: