Thursday, April 16, 2015

This whole lawsuit sounds bad but I'm rooting for you Joss

Dear Joss,

I heard about this whole "Cabin in the Woods" lawsuit and the whole thing is bonkers. Obviously you wouldn't steal someone else's work but I'm concerned by the similarities between the names and story lines.

Obviously one of two things happened:

1. Stories are beamed down into people's slumber and you guys crossed dreams with the self-publisher.

2. Drew Goddard did all the heavy stealing and told you to make it funny. I just visited his IMDB page and he looks like a shady character you shouldn't be associating with anyway.

Let's just throw him under the bus and pretend this whole thing never happened.

Fanfully Yours,

Unless the cross-dream thing happened - in which case can you and I set up a cross-connection? I'd cancel Netflix.