Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thinking about retaining walls

When we bought the house in the Fall of '13 we knew our yard's fence was too far over but we were too busy planning to re-do the basement to worry about re-fencing the yard.

The property line should be about where that block half wall is. Asides from the expense of moving over the fence we didn't want to deal with mowing this little incline.

Our house is on the left and you can see the chain link fence is pretty even with the house but the actual property line is the cement block wall here - more or less. I think this wall is gypping us of a few inches but its close enough. My husband bought soil and leveled this alley a bit back in '13. Its mildly inclined but mowable.

See what I mean about the incline? No one wants to mow down, pull the mower back up and repeat. Its an upper body thing.

So we've been talking Yard Plans and I want to add some perennials on the side of the yard. My husband suggested hiring a landscaper and I figure if we're going incur the expense we may as well do it right - move over the fence and fill it with soil I can plant in.

I'm thinking of:

Nothing fancy for the retaining wall since we wouldn't be able to see it from our side anyway.

What do you think of plastic lattice for fencing? I don't know how it holds up to the elements but it wouldn't rust. PLUS I could get solar caps for the connectors, plant trailing vines in front of it and hang stuff off of it - if I wanted to. Chain link is ugly plus lattice would tie into our house's cottage'y exterior.

My husband originally said landscaper because we hate trimming edges after we mow but we could mow over an inlaid brick divider like this. I wouldn't go this deep because our yard isn't that large - it feels as if three bricks in width would be perfect.

and I would leave a small brick indentation for a bench.

What do you think? I'd obviously have to discuss this with the neighbors - who moved in before winter but I've never talked to. They must know the fence is too far over because their inspector guy drew a diamond on the sidewalk indicating the division and its still there.

In front yard news our tulips are still trying to grow

although today they are covered in ice. Get it together Spring!

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