Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's Thrift a Nicer Garden

Saint Fiacre - $1.50
Tossing Game - $1
Stencils - .50
Slippers - .50
Bookmark(??) - .50

Samsonite Travel Bag - $2

I thought these were fancy bookmarks and since I'd been casually wanting some I picked them up.

Usually bookmarks have more clearance at the top. Could they be hair pins?

Box is not helpful

I reckon this is Saint Fiacre, spurner of women and lover of gardening in solitude. If Emerson had been born in the triple digit years he'd be a saint now too.

Is he carrying a grenade with a flower attached?

This year I plan to be gentler to my plants so I will put him outside with them once risk of him shattering due to nighttime cold dissipates. For now he is watching over my one impatiens seedling which germinated and the african violet.

I debated this last week and decided to bring it home this week. They taunted us with 80 degrees on Saturday but since then its 50s and 60s but eventually it will be warm and I will want to be outside.

Its still Vintage Bliss Tuesday...somewhere:


laura sampson said...

I don't think they hairpins but I don't know what they are!?!