Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For Tomorrow, I List!

I really need to list stuff! The eBay room is messy and I like mailing.

Vase - $1
Jenga - $1
Cupcake bank - .75
Watch - .50
Pin - .25
Books - .10 each

This bank has a date stamp on the bottom - wonder why?

Something nautical for my next water adventure!

No battery but I figured it was ok for .50

I always see these candle holders at the Salvation Army. They must have been very popular at some point.

I never knew how much I loved pottery until I started thifting. It reminds me of the blue vase I thrifted about a year ago. 

I didn't realize I'd thrifted two sets of the first grade cards until I got home.

I am talking vintage: