Thursday, April 30, 2015

and back to Lowes I went

Did you guys see HOW CHEAP Lowes plants are this week!? The 6 packs of yearly plants (impatiens, marigolds, etc) are 3 for $5!

I bought come creeping phlox for my dad's yard and went back today to pick up some marigolds for my brother. He doesn't water his plants but likes cheerful colors so he gets marigolds:

Not bad for $10, eh? Marigolds barely need fertilizing and grow so quickly plus they destroy the really bad tiny worms which eat veggies. My brother doesn't grow veggies but its the thought which counts!

These planters are GORGEOUS! Look at my favorite colors all piled on top of each other.

Unfortunately they cost $100 and are really large. These would be so wonderful for housing small trees which could stay outside year round or for folks with covered porches.

Aren't these classy? $35 is fair for something so pretty.

These just scream PINTEREST! They were about $15. Its a bunch of succulents planted in a triangular coco liner with suspension hook. 

Another perfect plant for people who have someplace to hang them in winter.

Speaking of pinterest - ready built fairy gardens!

Lowes is always on the ball with their plant life. Home Depot needs to step up their game!