Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What it sold for: Not so bad

We were away half of this week so I didn't list anything new. Eight things went out the door - and all eight were surprises!

Not true - this was not a surprise since I had her listed for almost a year. The mismatched pair sold for $10 but it was all profit since the rest of the lot sold ages ago.

Sold for $10

Sold for $12
This was a comparatively new listing and none of the other Barlow letter openers had sold recently so I'm glad mine was chosen to go!

Sold for $9
Ditto this - I thought this was a sure dud guaranteed to sit around for years!

Sold for $16 to Japan
Ironically I saw a third roll of this paper at the same store last week but left it because my post-shopping research said this was a bad buy.

This latest promo ends soon and I hadn't wanted to list anything so I have to get my butt in gear - remember all those breakables from last week? I haven't even washed them yet!