Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What it sold for: I'm mad at you eBay edition

Did you read your spring update newsletter? eBay is going to eliminate almost all of our free listings and instead "rebate" listing fees. If my widget doesn't sell I need to pay a fee. If it sells eBay will refund the fee.

Of course the change being implemented over the summer when sales are traditionally down. When these ridiculous fees make our sales even worse eBay can blame it on seasonal downturns instead of their wack-ass idea.

I thrift my stock and unfortunately most result in under $20 auctions. Currently I am ok with waiting a year to sell a $15 item because I have storage space and eBay won't charge me until it sells. How will I feel when I am paying what equates to virtual rent?

So why is eBay doing this?

1. They're greedy but can't keep bumping FVF fees. My extra quarters plus your extra quarters equals extra millions.

2. Better quality stuff - I am not going to bother listing my cheapo-auctions

3. Get more money from the businesses they've been recruiting for a while now - have you noticed most on-line stores now have an on-line presence on the bay? Have you also noticed how poor most of their feedback ratings are whilst maintaining PowerSeller status?

Enough ranting - I started listing again and had seven sales:

Puppies sold for $10

The Raid mug sold the first week for $9.10. I think this was .49

Paid .50, sold for $15

The National Parks book I bought last week for .10 sold for $15 on half.com. I always double list media on eBay and Half because you never know which will go first.

I've got to curb my thrifting and try to unload some more of these auctions. We will only be allowed 20 frees monthly and I currently have about 260 active items. Think I can sell 250'ish things before changes go into effect?