Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What it sold for: I don't know what I'm doing right edition

So I ended up selling 56 items in February. This is AWESOME as its the shortest month and I maintain an average of 250 auctions. Guess what happens when you sell 50+ items in such a short period? Organization happens!

March has started off in a similarly lovely fashion with five sales under my belt already :D

Here's stuff I was happy to see (FINALLY) go:

Paid $4 sometime last summer and FINALLY sold for $10
Steer clear of these - they are adorable so everyone bought them before realizing they didn't want them. The red Hershey's fondue kit could be eBay's unofficial logo.

I got 4 bids on this one (rarity) and it finally went for $13.03

.25 each and sold for $7
I'm ambivalent on these Hard Rock shot glasses. On the one hand they require very little storage space and are cheap. On the other hand the market is supersaturated with common locations so they take forever to move and profit isn't spectacular.

Paid .25 and sold for $8 the first or second week. Gotta love those quick sales!

Paid .60 and they went for $20 within days. I have the matching saucers up but I do not expect a quick flip on those.

Paid .25 and sold for $9 within the first month too.
Listing clothing is tedious but when its this cheap it entails zero risk.

Paid $4 and sold for $18 1 or 2 months later. It turns out this was a Barnes & Noble edition and people just liked looking at it. I had 13 watchers before someone finally bit the bullet.

How was your February? I hope you cleared out tons of inventory too!