Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What it sold for: 8 in 7

Eight items went in seven days this time. Pretty good considering I laxxed out a few days without creating new listings. I'm a bit wary as there were a few used and fragile items this week. I know USPS has been experiencing delays all over the place and some folks just disdain feedback but let's keep our fingers crossed on this one!

Paid 2.99, sold for 20

Paid .25 or .50, sold for 13.65

Paid .25, sold for 8.05 after the most boring bidding war ever

Paid .50, sold for 8.19 about 8 months later
I really thought this would be a fast sale

Paid .99, sold for $10
I still haven't found a huge Partylite money maker.

My husband and I are going away from Sunday-Wednesday and I'm thinking my usual "What should I do with eBay?" thoughts. I don't have a store but I do have 253 active listings. Last time I just left them alone and ended up with two sales while I was gone. TRS wasn't a thing last year though.