Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trump Taj Majal

We headed down to Atlantic City to stay at the Trump Taj Mahal, courtesy of a pretty sweet groupon deal. If you're nearby and have spring break coming up soon make sure you check it out!

Parking is free and drops you off on the Hallway o Food with sandwich joints, Starbucks, burgers, etc. I like the metal "tree" artwork dividers.

And holy moly are there chandeliers! They must have a staff dedicated just to bulb changes.

Pretty bedroom with lovely black-out curtains.

Small seating area next to the dresser/tv stand/fridge combo. See the curtains I like?

I like bathrooms with toilet rooms.

This stool was perfect for sitting on to do my nails.

Our view - see those teeny people down there? Its in the 50s so I will admire the water from up here - Thank You Very Much!

Yelp had me nervous about the room but I am glad we booked - everything is lovely!