Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thrifting - as seen on TV

Sometimes people donate in themes. Today we had a lady donate a ton of "As seen on TV stuff" and it was fun ascertaining the stuff is even lamer in person than it looks on the packaging LOL

Tub o Toys - $5
Operation - $1
Plant stuff - $1
Dog figurine - .75
Wallet - .25
Book - .10

I think those hanging planters would look cute outside on the patio's support beams. I am undecided on the moss. Done well its charming but improperly applying it makes real plants look fake.

I bought a set of fake cami-insets and one of those bands you put under a shirt to fake having worn a longer shirt. If they don't work I'll toss them and only be out change.

I upgraded the gym wallet I got about a month ago to one with a separate spot for my shuffle. The old one had one compartment and the gym lock kept bumping into and turning on my player. The new one isn't perfect as I'd like a slightly larger one but its ok for now.

The best holiday stuff happens between holidays.

I saw this Giant Tub o Little People as I was doing my final walk-through to ensure everything was in order before closing for the night. We normally sell Little Folks for .25 and this tub was $5 but I took a chance.

Holy Moly! I don't think we need to buy another little person - ever!

There were three of my faves. As you can see the paint on a lot of them is a little scuffed but for $5 I'll take it.

Any ideas what these pieces are? The tub had little folk and their transportation vehicles but zero indicator on what these could be.

So that was a fun day! I'm linked to Vintage Bliss: