Wednesday, March 11, 2015

That time I just donated a bunch of it back

I didn't take a photo of donations today but everything I donated today was either thrift stored or garage saled.

Then I bought home:

Angry Birds & Jenga - $1 each
Harry Potter hat - .50
Lego container, Mug, Brewer - .25 each
Book, Helicopter - .10 each

I don't think I'd ever seen one of these and now I bought three in two weeks! I am holding off on listing right now because we're going away for a few days but when I get back I plan to lot the three into one auction.

I buy anything Harry related eh? Its funny but one of the other volunteers purchased a few Harry books right before I saw this (and bought it myself). I was talking about how JK Rowling is driving me nuts with her "behind the scenes" revelations:

Speaking of Rowling - check out what I checked out from the library!

It wasn't labelled but looked Little People'ian to me - if not back it goes! My niece's Little People are constantly in danger so maybe she can build them a helipad and leave inside a route to safety.

I'm still trying to get her to read.

I thought these would make a cute cake topper for my husband's birthday next month but he hasn't been playing the app much - in spite of their MEGA update tomorrow. I will ask.

Someone on my facebook group kept asking for Jenga but now the ISO post is gone. I guess I can play with it myself!

I am being a Thrifter Sharer:


laura sampson said...

my kids LOVE jenga blocks for simple building projects--they only ever played the game like twice but they build with them all the time : ) I bet the angry birds game will sell really well, people still love it. Oh and I love those donation boxes that are ALL things you bought at the thrift store FEELS GOOD!!