Friday, March 27, 2015

Thank goodness I don't live in earthquake country!

I really love breakables!

Pyrex covered dish: 4.99
Simon Flash: 3.99
Vase: 2.99
Depression plate: 1.99
Plant holder: .99
Mugs: .49 each
Espresso cups: .29 each

I've been finding a lot of nice vintage glass recently. eBay can have this one since

I kept the green bird bowl to use as a napkin holder!

I buy a lot of stuff in this color and it never sells. I am hoping the Lenox name will be enough to get it sold!

Is it summer yet? Every morning I go outside and tell my tulips to grow. I am a terrible plant bully.

Marked USA on the bottom. I've been buying a lot of vintage pottery too.

I forgot my phone in the car so didn't have a chance to look it up and see it only goes for $15 on eBay.  I will probably just put it on craigslist.

The Simon game is a keeper! I played it a few times already and its fun! I like matching color puzzles like this.

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

That vase might be McCoy. I know they had different markings for different years. You might want to look into it. In any case, it's very pretty! :)

laura sampson said...

I'd look into the McCoy name too! It may up it's value!?!