Friday, March 6, 2015

Slowest Gardenner in the East

Know what would be the worst board game ever? Me preparing to garden:

1. I need potting soil but I want it on sale *wait until next week*
2. I need my starter pots from the garage but it snowed today *wait 3 days*
3. I need to gather my containers and seeds in one spot *took about a week*
4. This is going to be messy, I need gloves from garage *wait 2-3 days*
5. My gloves are dirty from 2014 gardening, I need to wash and air dry them *wait 1 day*
6. I should get Miracle Gro from the garage to add to my potting mix *wait 2-3 days*
7. I just saw a video about using the insides of a diaper to water plants, I need one of my niece's diapers *wait a week*
8. Screw up *wait again*

So the internet insists the insides of a diaper are filled with crystals which "gel up" when wet and help break up soil/maintain waterred plants/park my car.

The videos all start with someone holding a regular baby diaper, dumping 4-5 cups of water into it and then tearing it apart to access the gel. I figured I would improve on this technique by first cutting off the excess parts which would not hold gel anyway.

So far so good.

Then disdain a measuring cup and BLAST the cold water faucet!

2 Things:
1. That's more than 4-5 cups of water
2. Cold water is cold

Disposable diapers are cheap for their incredible construction. There were several layers of thin cloth with a little gel between them.

Paydirt in the very last layer. Most of the gel was here!

Can you see the gel in the top left corner? Ignore the cotton fibers - the internet says they are biodegradable although I can pick them out if I want. That water is cold, I don't want.

I only had one diaper so I wanted to get the most amount of gel from it. I did this be removing cloth layers and then squeezing the gel off and wishing I'd used warm water instead.

So obviously I used way too much water and can't pour it out so I will just let it evaporate. I am doing this in the basement, which is about 60 degrees so I figure I will be ready to add soil to the mix in about ....2-3 weeks.

If my family depended on me for food gathering we'd have to become strict carnivores.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I had no idea about the diaper gel thing. Hubby is planning on tilling up our garden some time in the next two weeks. We're just waiting for the snow to finish melting and for the ground to dry up a bit. We like to get our potatoes planted around St. Patrick's Day :)