Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shockingly - I broke NOTHING!

I had all this in one bag without any ounce of protective wrapping:

May not look like much but the Partylite candle holder is heavy!

I kept picking this up and now that EVERYTHING in the store is half off I decided to get it. Maybe a solar light wants to live inside? Maybe a plant? I never claimed to be a Glass Whisperer.

Ditto for the creepy bunny musical spinny thing. I can't even look at this picture.

Cherished Teddies were $1.50 and I bought one which I thought would be a quick flip. Spoiler Alert: Cherished Teddies are never quick flips.

More teeny toys for my niece. So far she has taken home the Powerpuff Girls toys and most of the MLP.

This bird looked cuter in its packaging. Right now it just looks creepy. Why didn't they twig in an eye!? I may take this one back too.

Another one I am remorsing over - this is so unlike me! I love copper and the glass is very heavy. Do you think they are eBayable or should I just redonate back?

I am talking Vintage:


Alicia said...

I used to collect Cherished Teddies. I think I still have them in a box somewhere. That's a cute one.