Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Monthly Goals - Let's Get Healthy(ish)

Well last month's goals had their ups and downs:
  1. List more - Check
  2. Donate weekly - Check
  3. Set up surround sound - Uncheck
  4. Velcro tie some of these random cables - Check
  5. Get a doorknob - Uncheck
  6. Try new recipes - Check

My annual check-up in showed I had higher than normal cholesterol levels. Since my dad developed high cholesterol around my age I wasn't shocked. My doctor wants to redo the bloodwork in March but I don't expect major changes. I have an appointment with a nutritionist (aren't I fancy?) Monday so I anticipate a healthier month:
  1. Eat at least one piece of fresh fruit daily
  2. Exercise for at least half an hour twice a week
  3. Have oatmeal breakfasts on most days
 Throwback Goals:
  1. Set up the surround sound for the basement projector.
  2.  Get a doorknob on my bedroom closet. Ibid what I said about 1 1/2 years

Bonus Goal:
  1. Keep listing at least one new item per number of days in the month. The eBay room is almost manageable and my sales last month were phenomenal!