Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lets just be Canadian

Our bipolar winter continues!

Yesterday in the upper 40s with a slight drizzle - all the snow melted

I'm so glad I'm not a tree

Its the Pinecone Bandit of Mowing Strife

Even our teensy cherry tree looks like its trying to huddle up!

Since we're stuck inside our wonderfully warm homes I updated the little thrift store's facebook page with some crafty thrifted ideas:

All Pinterested, of course.

This is a much more sophisticated version of the lantern I picked up yesterday. The battery operated lights I own are too large to fit through the neck opening though.

It came from a page full of the best garden inspiration:

If we had taller trees I would totally decorate them all the time. Our Cherry tree is about 4-5 feet tall.

I'm not saying the waterproof, weather resistant, color fading resistant striped Kmart fabric on my hammock isn't pretty. I'm saying this is exquisite.

Ditto this. Its fabulous to admire (see the bed on the left) but think of the mosquito breeding spaces. I bet this is in Seattle.

The Pinterest term to search is "Bohemian Garden"

Well its barely noon, I'm going to work on some eBaying (of course) and maybe get some seed starters in pots. Stay Cosy!