Monday, March 9, 2015

Gardening is an instrument of grace

Know what I love more than seeing flowers bloom? All the build-up.

I love buying the nonsense, debating the containers, watering and weeding and just watching. My Great Diaper Expirement continues today:

Look our poinsettias are still alive!

When we last left off I'd experienced a plant delay due to my unwillingness to measure water:

I mixed soil into the gel today and had this much left over. Since it was the bottom part the gel/soil ratio is off but it didn't matter since I wasn't going to use it today.

I grabbed this soil at Rite Aid because I was there and it was cheap.

Nothing crazy - just some dollar store seeds.

.2% seeds to 99.8% inert matter? I'm skeptical but hopeful. Next year I buy seeds instead.

Impatiens seeds are black right? Do you see any? and is that me or does that look like a dead worm near the top right?

Unsurprisingly I kept the little white planter. I threw in what was left of my zinnia seeds. Remind me to pick up some more.

My owl planter, Owlicious, will hopefully sport a full head of lavender one day.
Side note but do you see our garage sale trivets being plant stands? Way to multi-task!

These are half cilantro and half impatiens. My aunts have a porch garden consisting of dead cilantro and empty pots of soil. I hope some of these seedlings make it so I can plant them in their containers.

They're sitting in those cardboard planters from last year inside an ironstone platter saled even longer ago. My plan is to water inside the tray about once a week until its time to go outside. One of the Diaper Gardeners said the gel expands up to 60% its size when wet so I bet these will drink to about half that size when its time to water.

Our hibiscuses continue to be happy in the 70 degree basement. They've stopped blooming but there is always new growth and I expect them to happily adapt to the outdoors when its time.

Oh Happy Plants!


Alicia said...

Very nice! Will be fun watching them grow and bloom. I planted a Kale plant which the lady at the garden dept at Home Depot said was going to die because they aren't in season anymore, but I had already bought him. Planted some Geraniums and found a plant called Sticks of Fire this weekend which I didn't buy, silly me, but I'm going back to buy this afternoon after work.