Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear Goodwill, My Bad

You know how I kept harping on how bad Goodwill is compared to the Salvation Army? Lately I've been finding lots of stuff:

Powder: 4.99
Green planter: 3.99
Pewter dish: 1.99
Yellow planter: 1.49
2 Cookbooks: 1.49
1 Cookbook: .99
Hat pin: .99
Salt & Pepper Shakers: .99
MLP Book: .79
Raid mug: .49

I'm hoping this was as good of a buy as eBay thinks it was.

Its kinda vintage but pretty

 I didn't look this one up beforehand so hopefully it is not a well signed dud.

My two recipe requisites: Pretty Pictures & Readily Found Ingredients. Mostly pretty pictures.

For the first grade niece

I think I was already buying so much stuff I got carried away and ended bringing this pair home too.

I wouldn't drink from it but I will sell it!

eBay liked it - at $4.99 it was my priciest buy of the day

I'd checked out the yellow planter last week but its unsigned and was $3. This week it was half off - good enough! The planter is probably an eBay dud but I think would make a cute fruit bowl.

I still have our VDay flowers up and have been using the Ultima Thule as a fruit bowl but our kitchen table is small and it gets in the way.

This would work. I even have similarly colored place mats I was saving for when these went kaput. LOL don't the two kiwi look so sad? I need to go produce shopping.

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JoKnows said...

The yellow planter is sweet! I did well at Goodwill on my last visit too!

Alicia said...

I always do better at Goodwill than at Salvation Army. I mostly look for clothing, every once in a while some nick knack will catch my eye.