Friday, March 20, 2015

Cholesterol Thoughts

When I was in fifth grade my dad was diagnosed with incredibly high cholesterol - something in the 300s. My entire family went into a panic and my mom never cooked red meat again (sad face). He eventually got it under control and life went on with a healthier, blander meal menu.

This January during my routine physical my cholesterol turned up at 239 - Borderline High and 1 point away from High (240).

My doctor had just check it in the fall at the beginning of my hearing loss mess and it was fine then so he kept asking what I'd done wrong in the meantime. No idea!

Anyway he gave me the generic cholesterol advice and told me to come back in six weeks to see where I stood.

Knowing 75% of high cholesterol is hereditary I was not very hopeful but did the following:
  1. Started eating oatmeal for breakfast *blech face*
  2. Self medicated with Lecithin and Coq10
  3. Visited a dietician who went over my entire food stuff. She told me to eat less sweets, exercise, eat fish twice a week, etc etc.
  4. Started going to the gym close to the end

Well at the end of my six weeks my cholesterol was 191 - VERY safe! Huzzah!

Of course I don't know what was the big change. I didn't start eating fish or exercising long enough to make a change. A drop this drastic could not have been a result of half a cup of oatmeal daily - could it?

Lecithin seems to be scoffed at as a cholesterol manager these days but my dad always took it so I started taking it. I bought a few month's supply so I will keep taking it just in case it was the Fixer.

Of course, cholesterol is affected by stress and in January I had just finally accepted my permanent hearing loss and was trying out a hearing aid so maybe that was it.

In the end it is a mystery but at least its one less thing to worry about.