Friday, March 13, 2015

and then I walked out VERY carefully

Cake Platter - 2.99
Candle holder: .99
Dish w/ Dome: .99
I heart NJ Shot Glass: .29
Everything else: .49 each

2014 Christmas ornaments - see the first one? I've had the same thing sitting on my desk for about three months because I keep putting off printing pictures for it. ARGH! I bought it 75% off but it still cost more than these three put together.

There were a few donated collections today including one of shot glasses around the USA. I went with the home state.

I sold one of these for nurses a while back. It went fairly quickly.

1978 Garfield - he was only one year old!

I debated because oversized tea cups aren't my normal fare but I was getting so much other stuff I decided to just throw them in too.

They are from the same set but I don't think this bell really matches.

The place to google.

It reminded me of my beloved Kosta Boda.

The sticker says polish crystal.

A beat up box never dissuades me!

How lovely. I will probably keep this one.

I am talking vintage with Bella Rosa: