Monday, March 2, 2015

and then I bought EVERYTHING!

Between all the eBay sales and my lack of recent thrifting the eBay room was becoming...manageable! I could even make a reasonable path through without danger of major topplage. Until now:

Vase/Frog: 4.99
Grandma figurine: 2.99
Steepers: .69 each
Mug: .24

Stool: 9.99

a little steep and I originally thought I could use it as an indoor plant stand. Then I saw its a little stool and thought it would be great for photographing eBayables. I shoot on a desk height surface and spend a lot of time crouching.

UPDATE: This thing costs $69 (on sale) on Amazon! I  should probably craigslist it instead.

I am not a proud democrat but I love random cheap mugs.

What are these things called? The smaller one is pictured above inside the mug.

Made in China so nothing special but I love mint green and my Imaginary Anny Self arranges cut flowers. No, I haven't used the last frog (purchased at the same store) but I just looked at it yesterday and it made me happy.

This darling figurine plays music and was surprisingly undamaged. If the girl were a brunette I would give it to my mom.

I swung by the Salvation Army afterwards and:

Ghosts book: 2.99
Imaginary Encyclopedia: 2.79
Cookbook: 1.99
Set of 4 mugs/holder: 1.99
Candle holders: .99
Fire King sugar bowl: .49

Saucers: 1.99 each set of four (2)
8 Fiesta mugs: .49 each

I haven't listed the last batch I purchased because I can't figure out if I should sell as a (really heavy) lot or try to sell as individuals. I've had the two individuals from last year listed at $7 for months and no one has purchased them so I need to change my plan.

This book is INCHES deep!

The Imaginary Things Encyclopedia is full of awesome illustrations and nonsense. I love the library but keeping stuff is fun too.

I just bought this cookbook because owning cookbooks leads to food automagically appearing. Also, I met with a dietician today and she made me sad.

I like the polar bear but don't need more winter decor so eBay can have it. I'm ready for the next season.

These are heavily crazed but made in Taiwan so I got them. The shelf is really flimsy plywood so I may chuck it.

More Fiesta - so weird after the last yearlong drought! This one has both the embedded stamp AND the stamped....stamp. Does stuff normally come this way and later wash off? Its the first time I see both.

Check out that saucer - I don't even need to break out the Bar Keeper's Friend before listing!

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Betty said...

I've bought some magic cookbooks before. Sadly mine must be broke, because not many new meals appeared. Love the color of the Fiesta dishes.

Anny said...

That's what we get for buying them secondhand - the magic is probably worn out.

laura sampson said...

wow you did buy ALL the things : ) Love that fiesta ware so gorgeous!! Why did the dietician make you sad? eat less move more??