Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who doesn't love eBay freebies?

Since eBay wants to make money they are encouraging sellers to sign up for a seven week business plan:

I got the e-mail two weeks ago but trashed it because eBay loves e-mailing all the time anyway and they didn't mention freebies. Then one of the facebook groups signed up and they got:

a file folders, measuring tape AND moleskin notebook journal! Check out the branding!!!

Of course I signed up immediately and two-three days later received this via FedEx:

eBay tape, measuring tape and pen/stylus hybrid!

This is my NEW favorite pen! Isn't it funny how I didn't know stylus/pen hybrids were a thing until just the other day?

At first I was going to keep the tape and treasure it forever but then I came to my senses. I use too much tape to keep random rolls around.

I like the measuring tape and plan to use it wrapped around mugs and stuff.

Thanks eBay! Next time mention freebies and I will respond sooner!