Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Where the Thrifters At!?

The thrift store was so slow today - we only made about $15 while I was there!

Planter - 1.50
Bag o Ponies - 1
Ornamotion - .25
Saucers - .10 each
Books - .20 and .10

I told the 6 year old I wouldn't always be able to buy them both stuff all the time because sometimes I only find stuff for a 2 year old or just a 6 year old. "That would make the other sister sad," she replied. I'm such a pushover.

The Dollar Tree sells .99 seeds for .25. I just picked up lavender a few days ago because the internet says this cute perennial frightens off mosquitoes. The previous owner sharpied on blue pupils. I can't decide what's worse - blue pupils or vacant owl stares.

The two year old is enjoying showing off her new vocabulary. Hopefully she won't be confused to learn duckies are actually ducks. The other book is for the 6 year old who the other day requested "a nonfiction" book to read. All those Disney storybooks I bought her five years ago have just been going to waste. *sigh*

The box says you pop off a regular lightbulb from a string and replace it with these mechanics and then stick on an ornament - which will then spin. We have surge protectors so I figure this was worth trying the next time winter rolls around.

I couldn't resist this bag of ill-coiffed ponies. Pinterest is always telling people how to smooth hair so I'll try it and let you know how it goes.

I think this is an imposter pony. Check out the human-ish eye and lack of MLP tag on her foot. I dub her Hair Smoothing Test Subject #1!

I am sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays:

Donated - an Ikea pillowcase I never used, old bedroom curtain and some clothes. Dullsville.