Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What it sold for: Slow and Steady Edition

No major sales this week but about twenty things went out the door. Can we say I am still in my eBay training stages because I was really glad to see these duds go:

Hillborn Pottery - sold for 11.83

Donald frames - Sold for $10

Tracing kit - Sold for $5.46

Giants mugs - Sold for $13.65

Bodum press - Sold for $10

I think eBay is on to something with all of these weird promotions. The last two have not allowed relists but will allow you to "sell as similar." What I've obviously done is relisted by selling similar. This had led me to saying things like "HOW long has this been here!? I need to drop prices!" or "I need to donate this instead."

The promotion before last was only for fixed price items so when I relisted it took my Buy it Now price. I took 30% off that and ended up with all sorts of weird numbers. Hey - its getting stuff out the door so who am I to complain?