Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What it sold for - the Did I Sell It? edition

Has eBay ever insisted you didn't sell something you are pretty sure you did?

I had this Pyrex butter dish sitting on my shelf for almost a year before it went. I remember packaging and mailing it but eBay's unsolds says I didn't sell it. Of course this led to a bunch of doubt because I have over two hundred items listed and I couldn't find it in my invoices. Finally I just pulled the auction because even if it sold today I wouldn't be able to find it.


In tales of the butter dish I did sell:

Sold for $13 less than a week later. Sometimes its not about the profit but rather the turnaround time.

Paid $2, sold for $15

Paid about $7, sold for $50

Paid $2, sold for $19

Paid .75, sold for $5 in less than a week but I mostly just LOVE this picture

 Paid I think .29 each, finally sold the first batch for $10. Are Egyptian museum badges uncool?

Paid about $4, finally sold for $13.65. No more Godinger for me

My very first thrifting Salvation Army for eBay purchase finally sold for $14.56. They were only .49 each! Today they would be 1.99 or maybe even 2.99 each.

Paid .75, sold for $15.47

All my vintage Christmas sold - this was the last and went for $23.50

I was disappointed my vintage Star Wars belt only went for $13.65 but other than that I'm ok. I'm averaging 4-5 sales weekly which is perfectly fine for post-holiday January and February. How are you doing?


Monica said...

Surprisingly, I had better sales in January than in December. Most of the items sold were re-lists, but I also sold 2 of my daughter's college textbooks and got a better price for them on eBay than I would have on Amazon. I was glad eBay had the free listings in early January. I didn't get to take advantage of the extra free listings at the end of Jan., but I'm hoping they will do it again. Every time that i re-list a bunch of items, at least a couple more sell.