Friday, February 20, 2015

Unspectacular Thrifting

You know when you're thrifting and you're all "WHEEE what great stuff!" and how its awesome so you chase that feeling but end up buying:

Fiesta thingie - 1.99
Delft bowl - .99
Planter - .99
Booze Hanger - Free

Pewter and may end up making the most profit. Can only go up from free, right?

There was a bunch of Delft stuff and it was all pretty but overpriced so I just bought this one.

Then I washed it and the light crazing turned out to be mini cracks which let water under the glaze. I'd be scared to ship it and have the wrong bounce shatter it.

This little planter was there last time. Its marked USA and absolutely adorable. I'm debating keeping it but its so small I don't think it would suit outdoor living and indoor plants cause stress.

How about you? Finding anything good in the middle of this cold winter? I'm being shary with Vintage Bliss, who's website makes me hungry enough to get a bowl of cereal: