Monday, February 16, 2015

This Staples/Office Depot Nonsense

By now you're probably up in arms over this ridiculous Staples buying out Office Depot nonsense. I've been waving my arms about it for two weeks now!

Of course the largest way this will affect us is ink recycling. I am happy to receive $40 free from Staples and $20 from Office Depot monthly. I use it to buy toilet paper, trash bags, snacks and occasionally office supplies. Its been great.


If neither store had competition why would they pay us to recycle ink? Why would they sell penny paper and nickle glue in the fall? *waves arms*

My Intro to Business teacher thinks he merger will be allowed because the internet provides sufficient competition for brick and mortar businesses. Poppycock!

Sure the merger wouldn't affect businesses who purchase thousands of dollars of paper monthly but what about me? What will I do the next time I want to buy some "Penny after Rebate" paper?

I love the internet more than the next person but am willing to shop in-store to save money - if there are actual savings.

*waves arms again*

and now my arms are tired.


Alicia said...

I never thought about it that way. Wow! I never print anything and when I do need to once in a blue moon I will print it at work. Good luck though, sounds like you had a pretty sweet deal up to now.