Friday, February 6, 2015

That's JUST Keeeyyyy-ute!

There's a ton of snow out there but I still found an estate sale today. Think thrifting in summer with everyone out and about is bad? Try thrifting with feets of snow plowed against the sides of the streets!
Key House - $5
Bulbs - .50 a pack

It should polish up to brass and is pretty heavy. I will try to find similars on eBay before deciding whether to keep it.

The bulbs were in the basement and I realized they were a tad corroded when I got home. I guess they will sell "as is."

Then I swung by the Salvation Army because its been a week!

Tall candle holder - 2.99
Pottery box - 2.99
Small candle holder - 1.99
Leprechaun music box - 1.99

Bunch of wooden Easter ornaments - 1.99

I have more candle holders than candles but LOOK! These light up AND have automated timers. I am a sucker for automated lighting.

I was going to keep this but the music plays and its made by Lefton. I may do as other bloggers and set it out for St. Patty's decor but still have it listed. Is that cheating? I think so too.

I really like this box.

Can you make out the maker? I can't.

That's it for me this week - unless I swing by that estate sale again. I really love looking through people's houses.

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Susie - said...

I love that pottery box, it's lovely!